World’s Most Popular Gold Bullion Coins

American eagle coins are credited to be word’s most popular Gold Bullion coins. They are treasured for their gold content, but, looking at their artistic content is equally worthwhile. These coins were selected as the primary coinage for US Mint. They were initiated to allow investors purchase gold bullion coins, based entirely on its aesthetic qualities.

The design of this coin was created by Augustus Saint Gaudens. The latter was considered as one of the most influential and significant western artist. He is among the most prominent American artists of all time. This is evident when one looks at the history of art in America. There is distinctive change between arts formed before St. Gauden’s career and the work done afterwards. The strength of this great artist: was his ability to place meaning on realism, while allowing realistic sculptures, sketches and paintings. He portrayed and idealized realism. Before St. Gaudens, Art in America followed the same line as all the European art of that time. That type of art had a sense of clarity and was illustrative with little aesthetic ambition or realism.

Both the South African and Canadian coins are valuable investments. Notably, American Eagle coins are adored as artistic and investor items. All coins can be purchased online through established gold retailers such as GovMint, GoldSilver or the Perth Mint.

One cannot invest in American Eagle coins without getting involved in consultation with an art connoisseur. It may be possible to invest in American Eagle and completely overlook the imagery on the reverse and obverse sides. Inspecting this artwork is a bigger part of identifying whether the coin is authentic. Some level of knowledge is needed for one to identify the authenticity of a coin, thus, the significance of knowing the history behind this coin.

Indeed, as magnificent as all this art and history, the fact remains that the key draw of the coins is because they are a smart investment, simple and plain. They allow the investor to sell and buy metals in smaller increments. One can also obtain these coins in different sizes from the tenth of an ounce to full ounce. With these coins, it is not necessary for one to move thousands of dollars worth of gold every time gold investment is made. Simply put a few dollars at a time in the account, when convenient and let the money grow.

Those who are thinking of investing in some gold coins are encouraged to do so. With many people seeking to diversify out of stocks and the dollar, gold is gaining popularity as a means of protecting the individual’s purchasing power. Therefore, the most popular way of investing is through buying gold bullion coins.

Other than gold bullion coins, other types of coins include the Canadian Maple Leaf, Austrian Philharmonic, and the South African Krugerrand. Gold Bullion coins can be bought in 1/10 ounce form, ¼ ounce, ½ ounce and 1 ounce coin.