American Gold Eagle History

The American Gold Eagle coin is actually a set of coins, authorized by the 1985 Gold Bullion Coin Act. Since 1986, these coins have been minted as the official gold bullion coins of the United States Government. As such, they are valuable both in terms of the coin’s bullion value and its collectable qualities.

Building a Better Coin: Composition and Value

As an authorized coin of the United States, these coins are minted in 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, and 1-ounce weights, and produced using domestically mined gold. The metallic composition of the coin is 22-karat gold, with the remainder made up of hardening metals such as copper and silver. The United States mint guarantees the weight and metallic composition of these coins, making them more dependable than privately produced gold coins.

In addition to the metallic component of the coins, which gives them the classic gleam associated with gold coins, they have an artistically striking design. On the face, there is an image of Liberty, holding a torch and olive branch in her hands, while behind her is the United States Capitol building. The reverse features a male American eagle flying above a nest with a female eagle and hatchlings. This side also gives the weight and face value of the coin.

Legal, metallic and collectable value

These bullion coins have a face value, which is their official value by law, and are treated as legal American tender. From the smallest to largest size, this value is $5, $10, $25, and $50. However, the true value of the coins is found in their metallic content and collectable value. With the steady and long-term rise of the price of gold, all of these coins are extremely secure investments for their gold value alone.

Bullion Coins as a Secure Investment

For those interested in a secure investment, the guaranteed metallic content of the American Gold Eagle makes it extremely attractive. This allows for an effective valuation of the coin’s value at any given time. In addition, the long-term trends point to the fact that gold bullion coins will continue to appreciate in value, making them a secure savings instrument.

Collectable American Gold Eagle Coins

The collectable proof Gold Eagle coin is a special model of coin that is struck in such a way as to produce a high quality appearance, along with a cameo appearance where the raised portions appear to be frosted, in contrast with a mirror background finish. These coins are quite valuable as a collector’s item, in addition to the value of the metal itself.

Whether for collectors or investors, the Gold Eagle coin is both physically valuable and visually attractive. As such, it can become the centerpiece of any collection, even while providing a secure and stable source of investment for the wise collector.